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Ryan Deiss http://followupmachine.com/

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Alen ®

Райан Дейз и его курс Машина - о нем очень хорошо отзывается даже сам Френк Керн, но к сожалению с 3 октября к нему закрыт доступ((( даже за деньги!
Это набор из продающих писем для миллионеров в Интерент продажах. Вот так-то)
из письма Керна
Why should you buy it?
Because you’ll probably like it.
I would tell you it will change your life, cause you to walk on water,
solve all your problems and make all of your dreams come true …but
chances are we haven’t met.
So I’m not about to make such blind predictions.
Instead I’ll tell you this:
* Ryan has a portfolio of companies that sell everything from marketing
stuff to knives to cufflinks. In total these companies do over $30 Million
Dollars a year in revenue per year.
* Every single one of them is powered by email marketing.
* Every single one of their email campaigns is built based on the exact
templates that are included in the Machine.
* If you deploy these templates you’ll probably be pretty damn happy
with the results.
* You have 6 weeks to take the entire class and install every template
included directly into your business.
* Then you have an extra 2 weeks on top of that to see how those templates
perform for you.
* If, after all that, you’re not thrilled you end up paying nothing and
you can keep everything you downloaded anyway.
I don’t see how you can get much better than that!
So if you’re really serious about email marketing and selling tons of stuff
as a result, its probably pretty smart to model the very systems being used
right now by someone who is doing over $30 Million a year doing just that.
Make sense?
So with that said, have a look at this and give it a try if it makes sense
to you.
Make sense?
So with that said, have a look at this and give it a try if it makes sense
to you.
It’s coming off the market tomorrow night, so have a look now.
Talk soon,
P.S. If you would like one of these incredible tables rushed to your
home, simply purchase the Machine through this affiliate link 643
times and I’ll deliver it personally.
Here’s the link again lol.
P.P.S. Know what the $25K guys are discussing as I write this?
Email marketing.
Know what they’re using as reference material?
The Machine.
So …this is a lot less than $25K, but way more valuable to the
right person.
Go here, test it out, and see for yourself.
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Ryan Deiss http://followupmachine.com/ скачать торрент (torrent), видеоуроки, тренинги, обучающее видео и видеокурсы

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